Advanced antibody development

Backed by a team of skilled scientists and advanced technology, Creative Biolabs provides technical support to global researchers to drive innovations in antibody-based therapies.

The company offers de novo antibody sequencing, a service enabling the identification of the complete amino acid sequence of an antibody based on the proprietary database assisted shotgun sequencing (DASS) technology, with which accurate and reliable antibody sequence information is delivered, providing crucial insights into antibody structure and function.

Epitope mapping

Creative Biolabs' epitope mapping service unravels the specific antigenic determinants of antibodies, assisting with in-depth exploration of the functional regions on target antigens and antibody-antigen interactions.

It has established CreMap B cell and T cell epitope apping platforms that integrate the latest techniques and advanced algorithms to accurately identify and characterise epitopes, facilitating the design of novel therapeutics such as therapeutic antibodies, peptide vaccines, and protein drugs.

Yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) service

With the Y2H service, researchers can identify and validate the study of protein-protein interactions in a comprehensive and systematic manner, determine the specificity and affinity of target interactions, and elucidate complex biological pathways.

Throughout its antibody development pipeline, the company’s commitment to quality assurance and regulatory compliance ensures accurate and reproducible results. With a customer-centric approach, the scientist team collaborates closely with clients, tailoring solutions to meet their unique research objectives.


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