Advanced imaging analysis system

CytoSmart Technologies has launched the Omni FL, a new live-cell imaging analysis system incorporating red and green fluorescence channels into its signature Omni product line for the first time. The advance reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to provide high-quality, accessible live-cell imaging to every cell biology lab and offers an innovative platform for researchers in stem cell biology, immuno-oncology, virology, toxicology, neurology, and other fields.

Joffry Maltha, CEO, stated, "We are very excited to launch a fluorescence version of the popular brightfield live-cell imager Omni. The new Omni FL brings research to another level and allows scientists to gain greater insight into their experiments while reducing the amount of time spent on manual labor. This advancement represents the next big step in our continued product line innovation strategy designed to accelerate scientific discovery and drug development."

Live-cell fluorescence microscopy is a powerful tool with broad applications in biological research. Using fluorescent tags, dyes, and other methods to label and examine molecules of interest, imaging provides a critical window into the physiology and function of cells over time and enables the creation of high-quality time-lapse videos to track complex cellular processes. Featuring an innovative design that operates efficiently in a cell culture incubator, universal compatibility with any transparent culture vessel, and AI-driven analysis with user-friendly data storage solutions, the low-maintenance Omni FL overcomes the limitations of other imaging platforms and allows for plug-and-play experimentation right out of the box. Applications of live-cell fluorescence imaging include evaluating cell health and viability, assessing wound healing and colony formation, studying transfection efficiency, and investigating complex culture models such as co-cultures and 3D organoids. 

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