CAR-T therapy development solutions

Creative Biolabs has launched custom services and products covering CAR-T therapy development. CAR-T cell therapy, the most promising approach, effectively eliminates numerous tumours, particularly B-cell malignancies, showing up to 95% response rates and promising lasting remission. Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive suite of CAR products and CAR-T therapy development services, with offerings including CAR cells, CAR vectors, biomarker identification and selection, CAR design and construction, CAR-T in vitro assays, CAR-T preclinical in vivo assays, and more.

The company provides an array of CAR cells for research purposes, facilitating the precise targeting of desired target antigens for therapeutic research. These CAR cell options include CAR-γδ T cells, CAR-CIK cells, CAR-iT cells, CAR-Treg cells, and CAR Jurkat cells. Each cell line adheres to stringent manufacturing standards and undergoes meticulous process control (IPC) and quality control (QC) measures to ensure authenticity and reliability.

In addition, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing high-quality CAR vector products and CAR design and construction services based on extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies. Its offerings encompass a wide range of CAR vectors, such as TanCAR, universal CAR, VHH-based CAR, and switch CAR, except for the traditional CAR vector products. Unconventional CAR constructs, cells, and vectors are also available.

Furthermore, the company is committed to providing comprehensive services that cover the entire CAR-T therapy development process, offering crucial assistance for research, preclinical investigation, and development.

The company’s scientists and technicians possess a deep understanding of key CAR technologies, ensuring the quality of its diverse CAR services

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