GPC/SEC combination detector

Testa Analytical has developed a new multiple angle light scattering/differential refractive index (MALS/DRI) combination detector package for more demanding gel permeation chromatography (GPC/SEC) applications.

Delivering absolute molecular weight data from small to large molecules, MALS has established itself as a tried and trusted GPC/SEC detection technique for polymer, protein, and polysaccharide applications.However, the most accurate and sensitive results can be only achieved by pairing MALS with a DRI detector, designed to deliver concentration information detected at the very same wavelength.

The new Combo-Two MALS/DRI detector package brings together a perfectly matched combination of a high-performance seven-angle MALS and an ultra-stable DRI detector - both designed to optimally operate using an integral 640nm light source. Fully compatible with all commercial GPC/SEC systems, the new solution offers the lowest possible delay volume between the MALS and DRI detectors enabling exceptional results to be routinely obtained. Operating from room temperature up to 80°C, with high thermal stability, Combo-Two is simple to use - the user just injects their sample into the low-volume flow cell to obtain highly accurate and reliable MALS and DRI data.


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